Side Effect | Your New Horror Experience
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We have Green Light

With your support Side Effect has now the GreenLight to go to Steam. We are working every day to make this game come true, and now we are heading to kickstarter. Just wait for it.

Thanks for all your support!

The Game

Horror Experience Simulator

In Side Effect you’ll truly connect with the game and feel like the protagonist. That’s you living out this nightmare. You’ll make the decisions that shape the story and environment and combined with our tracking system every playthrough can be unique! Use your wits to survive mind-breaking scenarios and you may even live to see the end of this dark tale.

The Story

Violence, horror and gore.

Our all-star team is focused on crafting a mature, realistic story with shocking twists that will leave even the most hardcore horror fan frozen in fear. The protagonist is 32, he lives with his wife Lisa and daughter Jane. But… things happen. You get kidnapped, knocked out and taken to a dark unknown location where your only company is rusty medical instruments and the odd sound echoing off in the distance.


Side Effect is a first person horror game with a focus on player choice impacting the gameplay every step of the way. Not just in obvious ways like deciding to save someone, every action, every statistic will factor into how the gameplay moves forward. Are you in a panic? Do you still have some sanity left? Enough to thread a needle in under five seconds? Or will you not have enough sanity left to do anything but run for the door trampling anyone in your path? Many different activites await you based on your physical and mental condition at any given time.

Your Own Path

How far will you go to ensure your survival? Are you ready to kill someone for it? or are you clever enough to find a way around that scenario? Can you save others? Are they worth the risk to you? The room is filling with toxic gas! The key is right in front of you! … inside the stomach of a woman tied to a nearby stretcher. You could use those medical supplies and save yourself or maybe you’re better than that. Remember that all your actions have consecuences.